Drawing a Pickachu

Me drawing a Pickachu on the Procreate iPad App.ūüėä




Learning to Draw: Pickachu

procreateWell, I’ve been testing out the iPad Pro 9.7 for almost a month now. ¬†I’m enjoying the Apple Pencil and its preciseness when interacting with the screen. ¬†As part of my trial experience with this device, I’m attempting to teach myself how to draw using various YouTube videos. ¬†A friend of mine and my daughter’s art teacher recommended the Procreate App as a very responsive, fully-featured drawing application. ¬†Together, my daughter and I are bonding over watching youtube videos demonstrating how to draw. ¬†I’m a very inexperienced drawer, but I’ve also noticed my daughter has an interest in drawing and doodling. ¬†Therefore, what a perfect way to explore the iPad Pro features, develop my own drawing skills, and bond with my daughter than to sit a few times a week and watch kid friendly tutorials on YouTube channels like Art for Kids Hub.

For image below, I used the Pickachu demonstration from the Art for Kids Hub YouTube Channel.


Drawing Technique Takeaway: I learned that drawing the eyes first seems to help set the face and position of the character.  Additionally, the demo video showed me how to create a reflection effect in the eyes as well.