Learning Innovation Markers: A more natural integrative approach

Simply stated, innovation is almost antithetical to standardization.  If the standard is the goal, then there really is no room for innovation.  To innovate is to improve upon something using new methods or approaches.  Conversely, to make something standard is to establish a goal that all products are the same.  Of course, someone can use a... Continue Reading →


The Highest Form of Internet Use

Feature image via Wikimedia Commons. Human Advancement and Creation Throughout evolution and development, every advancement, from cave paintings to enhanced digital reality, has been driven by the human need to connect and express ideas.  These advances emerged from the human desire to pursue: Explore Build and Maintain Relationships Entertainment Ideas Personal/Community growth Systems and products... Continue Reading →

Featured Image: Vision-by Mélanie Plante via Flickr In the past, when attempting to draw on student input concerning vision feedback, our school has fallen short of acquiring insightful feedback/ideas.  Whether it's a simple survey or a short video contest, we've either failed at providing enough ideas for students to provide creative feedback, lacked key communication, or assigned... Continue Reading →

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