The Highest Form of Internet Use

Feature image via Wikimedia Commons.

Human Advancement and Creation

Throughout evolution and development, every advancement, from cave paintings to enhanced digital reality, has been driven by the human need to connect and express ideas.  These advances emerged from the human desire to pursue:

via The Noun Project
  • Explore
  • Build and Maintain Relationships
  • Entertainment
  • Ideas
  • Personal/Community growth

Systems and products are developed to enhance and improve people’s daily lives.  Over the course of human history, ideas diffused relatively slowly compared to today’s internet enhanced society.  The internet has exponentially increased the collaborative nature essential to the creative process.  

Internet and Creation

via The Noun Project

As people share new advancements with others, new ideas and products result in even more creations. With the internet, the act of sharing is one simple click away now; the act of creating is one idea away; the act of collaborating is a few keystrokes away.  From my desk, I can access all the necessary elements that make human attain one of their highest forms of existence. I can create.

How could one use their access to the internet to engage and further their creativity?  These 7 ideas can help people move from just using the web for entertainment to using it in a way that helps them pursue a creative, productive mindset.  

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