iPad meet Google Classroom: A New Workflow for Grading

Just a couple years ago, I found grading multimedia projects laborious and time consuming.  The whole process from showing students how to submit their work, the time uploading their large media files, accessing the media files, viewing the media project, commenting on the work, and assigning grades was just too much to deal with and worry about while assessing all the skills.  This is not to mention all the different programs and applications I needed to be running to complete the task of assessing a student’s learning.  A few years ago, I still did it, but that’s only because I’m a ‘techy’ I guess.

Recently, I finished grading a number of multimedia projects that my students submitted via a completely online delivered course.  In my ‘techy’ way, I was committed to try the grading process using the iPad, Google Classroom App, and other Google Suite applications.  To my great surprise, these tools streamlined my experience in such a way that the grading process was not only as simple as grading on a computer, but as simple as grading with pen and paper.  The entire process fit right on my screen from collating all the student work, checking the student plan, viewing the final product, providing feedback, and communicating the grade with the student.  This heartening experience re-affirmed that educational tech tools are quickly catching up to the production capabilities of our students.  This is very good news for teachers’ workflow.

Here’s an annotated screenshot depicting the workflow of grading a multimedia project using an iPad.


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