The Monkey Bars

Featured Image: Monkey Bars by David K via Flicker

Almost every lunch, I look out from our lunch pavilion around noon to see my 5 year old daughter hard at work on the playground.  She’s not realizing it, nor do I everyday (unfortunately), but for those brief 15 minutes, I’m getting a snapshot of her growing up.  At the beginning of this semester, I’ve observed her and her friends take on the monkey bars.  First, the smaller ones, then the bigger ones.  In the course of 5 months, she has watched her friends succeed and fail.  She has taken on failure and success right along with them.  She’s called me over to show me how close she is to succeeding on the monkey bars on multiple occasions.  Each time she’s showing progress.  Yesterday, she called me over as I walked back to the office.  This time she succeeded.  Her dad is very fortunate to have opportunities in his work day to share the sweat feeling of mastering the monkey bars all over again.  Well done, Sophia!


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