Featured Image: Vision-by Mélanie Plante via Flickr

In the past, when attempting to draw on student input concerning vision feedback, our school has fallen short of acquiring insightful feedback/ideas.  Whether it’s a simple survey or a short video contest, we’ve either failed at providing enough ideas for students to provide creative feedback, lacked key communication, or assigned a task much too large for students to engage with the ideas (or perhaps all three).

rising_phoenixAfter reading the post titled “5 Ways to Use Memes with Students“, I began thinking that a ‘Meme’ contest could serve has a decent medium to relate the ideas and draw out valuable feedback from the student body.  With the right amount of the resource, support, and appropriate procedures, students may be able to generate and share what our school’s vision means to them.  We can then curate the main visual ideas into a contest for the best depiction of the Principals of the Phoenix.


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